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Opening Arguments


Economic downturns are good for some businesses -- pawn shops, for example, and auto-repair shops. And, of course, this group:

INDIANAPOLIS -- In the midst of massive economic turmoil, more Hoosiers are turning to psychics in hopes of finding what their futures may hold.


Marilene Issacs, who has been offering readings for nearly 40 years, said business is up by up to 25 percent, 6News' Renee Jameson reported.


Isaacs, who works from a home on Westfield Boulevard, said she's talking to more clients from all walks of life, "from people who clean toilets to people who are having to sell their airplanes."

Her clientele are undoubtedly from the same long-shot crowd that buys all the lottery tickets. The story says psychic sessions more than $100 per session. Dang. That's getting into therapist territory, but at least they give you a 50-minute hour. I wonder if you have to keep going back to the psychic, or is your future pretty much set once it's been detected and proclaimed?

And this just in: If you live in Hendricks County or plan to visit, be sure to check out the Indiana Paranormal Conference in May, which will be a fund-raiser for the Make a Wish Foundation. Can't make this stuff up.

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