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Opening Arguments

Zillions and zillions

Ah, the old "build us up to tear us down" gambit comes a callin':

Daniels acknowledges many Indiana City and county governments are chomping at the bit to get stimulus plan dollars flowing into their communities.

But he fears they may be setting themselves up for disappointment.

Governor Mitch Daniels/(R) Indiana: " People ought to get their expectations to a realistic level. The vast majority of this money is going to flow straight through to education, then a lot to roads. So, there's some inflated expectations about untold bazillions to be handed out."

Well, I wasn't expecting bazillions, but a few mazillions would be nice. The way Washington keeps throwing money around, some local politicians might be expecting trazillions or even gazillions. (I'll let you guess which one of those is equal to eleventy squillion squared.)

JOKE found online: When the Jeep overturned, three Brazilian soliders were killed. Dang! Didn't know their Army was that big.

JOKE heard on the radio: I asked Caroline Kennedy what came after a trillion. "A cotillion?"


Bob G.
Wed, 03/04/2009 - 12:30pm

Good jokes, Leo!
(makes up for all those quintillions lost)