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Opening Arguments

The fix is out

I know anybody can sue anybody else for absolutely anything. Still, someone who would bring a suit like this has some balls:

A former professional wrestler from Jeffersonville, Ind., is suing a promoter and opponent over a match in which he ruptured his right testicle and had to have it removed.

In a lawsuit filed in Clark Circuit Court in Indiana, John Levi Miller accuses Coliseum Championship Wrestling and its owner, Sam Cosby, of negligence because it breached its duty to ensure his opponent, Clinton Woosley, understood the moves required in the match last June that was supposed to have a prearranged outcome.

[. . .]

The suit claims Miller was designated to win the match in advance by Cosby, but when Miller tried to "coordinate the match with Woosley as is the custom in the industry," Woosley chose not to discuss the choreography.

"Prearranged outcome"? "Choreography" in support of someone "designated to win"? That almost sounds like wrestling is fixed, or am I being way too cynical?

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