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Opening Arguments

Forward to the past

I've finally moved the "About" and "Mission statement" pages from the old blog site if there are some of you who never got around to reading them and still want to. I wouldn't change anything about them from the wording I came up with in 2005, except this, in the section on the things I hoped to accomplish with the blog.

I intend to open up the editorial-page process a little . . .

That was back when newspaper operations were more or less as normal as they had been for decades and decades and we all foolishly believed newspapers would stay around in the same form forever. These days, alas, there is no editorial page "staff," and therefore no "editorial page process." There's just me.



Tim Zank
Mon, 02/13/2012 - 9:24pm

They just realized what you'd known all along Leo, you were always capable of doing the work of an entire staff!