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Opening Arguments

Gun illogic

Remember Ryan Jerome, the ex-Marine from Indiana who could face more than three years in prison for trying to turn his legally-registered-in-Indiana gun in at the Empire State Building? Apparently realizing what a public relations disaster they have, prosecutors are offering a no-jail misdemeanor plea. But Jerome and his attorney, Mark Bederow, want an even better deal:

DA Cyrus Vance Jr. has been an outspoken advocate of a successful, citywide gun buy-back amnesty program that gives anyone turning in an illegal gun $200 — no questions asked — and without threat of prosecution.


“District Attorney Vance has publicly written that people should be encouraged to deliver firearms to appropriate authorities without fear of prosecution,” Bederow says in the letter — precisely what his client tried to do.


“It is illogical and unjust to grant potential criminals with illegal firearms carte blanche immunity from prosecution and financially compensate them in the name of effective gun control, while at the same time asserting a ‘zero-tolerance’ policy that would result in a criminal record for Jerome handing in a legal firearm under far more conscientious circumstances,” he argues.

Absolutely righteous argument. Those gun buybacks are a perfect example of the idiocy of so many gun-control efforts. They spend good money on something that feels good but has zero effect in the real world, except to encourage people to buy $50 or $100  guns from the pawn shop so they can sell them to the city for $200.


Fri, 02/17/2012 - 10:37pm

F.Y.I., the Form 4473 is a federal form when purchasing a firearm, not a registration form.  

The only registered guns in Indiana to my knowledge are selective fire, and were manufactured before 1986.  That 1986 restriction was added by a voice vote amendment to the 1986 Firearm Owners Protection Act.  I never got a good answer from Congressman Coats as to why he didn't ask for a recorded vote.