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Opening Arguments

So sorry. Not.

In the course of apologizing for the tone of his anti-Girl Scout remarks (they were "emotional, reactionary and inflammatory") but standing by the substance (he still doesn't like the national organization and won't sign no stinkin' resolution), Bob Morris said an odd (to me) thing. He mentioned that he intended that his remarks reach only the limitied audience of his Republican Indiana House colleagues. And:

Morris said had he known the letter would go to a wider audience, he would have cited further evidence for his position.

If you don't think you're wrong, what good will more research do? How would more research have improved his tone? And most of all: Don't you owe your friends as much care with the truth as you do complete strangers? This is sort of like "I'll clean the house for a visit by an aquuaintace, but you're family so just get used to the mess, OK?"

A little research is a dangerous thing, huh? Most of us have probably been stung by too quickly believing something we saw online. God knows I have.