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Opening Arguments

Sorry Charlie

Along with his other problems, now-former Indiana Secretary of State Charlie White is a man who just doesn't know when to shut up:

White alleged he was far from the only elected official to use a disputed address on voter registration forms, telling Fox News that the local media do not report on the issue because "if you're rich and famous on either side of the aisle, they're never going to mention it."

He went on to say that Gov. Mitch Daniels, a fellow Republican who was touted as a presidential hopeful before declining to run, has put the address of the governor mansion on his voter registration forms even though it is common knowledge that the mansion is not his main residence.

"Mitch Daniels has voted incorrectly in, according to the standards put on by me, the last 10 straight elections, under the constitution of the state of Indiana," White said.

Some people go too far in what they say and end up burning their bridges behind them. I think White has probably nuked his.


Tim Zank
Wed, 02/08/2012 - 1:01pm

Though he makes a valid point that it's positively convoluted how politicians' home addresses are considered "valid" and a large number of elected officials don't live where they are supposed to or say they do, (Lugar & Win Moses come to mind) it does absolutely no good to whine about it publicly, especially when appealing the decision.