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Opening Arguments

Bad call

Hmmmm. Mitch Daniels on how much he values a booming economy:

So does that mean the more Daniels helps the state's economy improve, the more he hurts GOP candidates who might be eying him as a running mate? Asked about this in an interview Friday, Daniels said: "So be it." He continued, "I want the economy to get better. ... We all -- whatever we disagree on -- we’ve all got a credible interest in that happening. I'd be very happy, honestly, to trade a booming American economy for the president’s reelection. I would.”

Seriously? This is a little myopic of the governor, I think. The economy rises and falls periodically because of a number of factors, so he'd be trading something temporarily good for the permanent damage Obama could cause in four more years. And if the economy really booms, it will be in spite of Obama's policies, not because of them.


Tue, 03/20/2012 - 7:12pm

I don't believe what happens in Indiana will affect President Obama's chances for re-election.

Governor Daniels should keep up with his agenda.

President Obama and the Democrats in Washington are going to win or lose by what the Supreme Court decides this summer on the federal mandatory purchasing of health care.

If the mandatory provisions are thrown out he has a slim chance for re-election.

If the mandatory provisions are upheld I believe he has a zero chance for re-election.  And we should seriously look at whether we need a Supreme Court anymore.  Why pay for puppets?