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Opening Arguments

Blow hard

This isn't exactly the most startling revelation of the year:

In fact, two-thirds of the 34 people killed in the catastrophic March 2 tornadoes in Indiana and Kentucky died in mobile homes. Such housing makes up only 14 percent of the housing in Kentucky and 6 percent in Indiana.

[. . .]

Experts on severe weather say the disproportionate death toll in mobile and manufactured housing isn't surprising: The National Severe Storms Laboratory has found that occupants of such dwellings, which are lighter and less well-anchored, are 10 to 20 times more likely to be killed in tornadoes than those in conventional homes.

I was trailer park trash for a few months after the Army, living with two high school buddies in a scuzzy trailer park just off Coldwater near Glenbrook. Maybe it was partly because of the mobile homes' reputation, but it felt scary there even during a mild rainstorm.

OK, time for the best-ever tornado joke here: Why is a tornado like a divorce in (pick state you want to dis)? Answer: Somebody's gonna lose a trailer,

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Mon, 03/12/2012 - 5:56pm

Everybody knows that the irrefutable law of the universe provides that mobile homes attract tornadoes. It is thought to have something to do with the conductivity of aluminum.

As for you experience in a scuzzy trailer park, everybody (but you) also  knows that the term applies to  a type of computer hard drive  - abbreviated SCSI.