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Opening Arguments

Fickle fans

Indiana sports fans, you suck:

When you compare how loyal Chicago fans are to the Cubs, Green Bay fans are to the Packers, Detroit fans are to the Red Wings, and New York fans are to the Yankees, Indiana fans make the infamously vapid Los Angeles fanbase look good in comparison.

[. . .]

The Colts actually losing fans after just one season of sucky play is completely ridiculous, and pretty much solidifies the "fair-weather" label to Indiana sports.

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You all might not like my tone with this article, but this is something Indiana fans all need to hear: You are known for being inconsistent, bothersome, annoying, and extremely fickle when it comes to your taste in sports teams. That is your label. If you want to change it, start getting more consistent in your fan tastes. If you followed crappy I.U. basketball for the last ten years, you shouldn't be jumping off the Colts bandwagon now.

It's more fun to watch a winning team than it is to watch a losing team. Call me fickle. And it's no mystery that the fans are inconsistent, for example being loyal to a 10-years-crappy IU team but deserting the Colts after one bad season. If you get hooked on a team, it's your team through thick and thin, but most people have a limited capacity for home-team loyalty. IU's fan base is filled in large part with students and alumni. What particular reason is there for someone in Fort Wayne to root for the Colts instead of, say, the Bears or the Lions?


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Fri, 03/30/2012 - 3:05pm

Colt fans deserve loyalty that they are not getting from the new Colts management team. Once upon a time there was a football team with the greatest quarterback ever to play the game and then ...

I am a Packer fan who has lived through the long dry spell between the '60s championships and the advent of the Favre-led champions in the '90s.  But things are different in the infamous Black and Blue Divison of the NFL - now dominated by the Green and Gold. With bitter rivals camped on the doorstep of the Cheddar Curtain, there was nowhere to turn for another team to support.

In Indianapolis, a team arrived in the middle of the night from Baltimore bearing the name "Colts."  Indy fans, however, got along without the Colts before they came and they can do so again with five NFL franchises within spitting distance of the state line. Note that  none of these teams play in the AFL South.