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Opening Arguments

Hey, we got it right

Indiana's voter-ID law was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court. Wisconsin isn't having such good luck. A judge has granted a temporary injuntion against that state's ID law pending a trial on the NACCP's charge of voter disenfranchisement:


Flanagan said in his ruling that Wisconsin's law was more restrictive than laws in other states that have survived federal court scrutiny.

He said evidence presented by the NAACP documenting the problems that 40 qualified voters had experienced as they tried to comply with the law had compelled him to grant the injunction.

"The 40 uncontested affidavits offer a picture of carousel visits to government offices, delay, dysfunctional computer systems, misinformation and significant investment of time to avoid being turned away at the ballot box," he wrote.

When Indiana's ID law was going through its legal challenge, it was noted that, although there were claims of voters being unfairly turned away, no actual case documentation was offered.  If they have 40 docuemented cases in Wisconsin, the legislation  deserves more scrutiny to see if the problem is flawed law or poor implementation.