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Opening Arguments


Talk about landing on your feet after getting fired:


The Denver Broncos have a new quarterback and his name is Peyton Manning. Team owner Pat Bowlen along with VP John Elway introduced Manning at a Tuesday afternoon press conference.

Manning reportedly is receiving 96 million over 5 years with 18 million coming in 2012. Manning will get 20 million in both 2013 and 2014 pending the passing of a physical after the 2012 season.

Manning going to Denver makes us think about this whole legacy thing. He did a lot of interviewing with former quarterback and current VP John Elway before deciding to join the team. Now, there's a legacy! Elway will never, ever, be thought of as anything but a Bronco. Manning will be remembered as a great quarterback who moved on just so he had a chance at one more Super Bowl. What if he'd stayed on as a member of the coaching staff in Indy, then moved up to something like Elway's position? He would have built the same kind of legacy as Elway's -- heaven knows he didn't really need the money. But he's a passionate football player and hates to give up the game until he absolutely has no choice. I get it.