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Opening Arguments

Senator Suitcase

Over at the Daily Beast, an account of Richard Lugar's "first tough primary camaign in his Senate career."

Point made:

Mourdock and his followers have been highlighting the fact that although Lugar votes in Indiana, he hasn’t actually lived there since 1977, when he sold his home in Indianapolis, where he’d served two terms as mayor, and bought one in the posh Washington suburb of McLean, Va.

Point proved:

Lugar, for his part, calls the controversy “a weak and lame issue” and argues that looking after the interests of his Indiana constituents requires him to live near the Senate.

[. . .]

Lugar is scrambling, staying in Indiana hotels and campaigning hard when not attending to Senate business.


Tue, 03/13/2012 - 2:06pm

Senator Lugar, it is time to move on.

Part of reasoning is your accent.

Take for example.  If I moved to New York, Tennessee, Utah, or Texas I would pick up an accent without knowing it.  I would not sound like a Hoosier after some time.

You sir, have acquired a Washington, D.C. accent.  To sound like a Hoosier you needed to have been home more often.

You are not the only one.