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Opening Arguments

Who the heck cares?

Don't expect any help from the governor in choosing a presidential candidate:

Former Florida governor Jeb Bush’s (R) announcement Wednesday that he is backing former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney (R) could make way for other top Republicans to jump into the presidential endorsement game – but Mitch Daniels isn’t likely to be among them.

[. . .]

I really don’t think so,” Daniels said when asked whether he plans to endorse. “Well, I keep saying, ‘Who the heck cares what I (think)?’ I don’t think anybody cares.”

He's probably more right than he wants to be about that. Somebody like Bush in Florida or, say, Rick Perry in Texas can sway a lot of votes with their endorsements. But I think Daniels has sacrificed a lot of his ability to persuade because of an endorsement he's already made  -- in favor of Richard "is he conservative enough?" Lugar in the race agains Richard Mourdock. If the governor were to endorse Mitt "is he conservative enough?" Romney, the reaction from the GOP base would likely be, "Oh, there he goes again."


Fri, 03/23/2012 - 9:46pm

Didn't Daniels begin his political life working for Lugar? Wouldn't it have been something like treachery not to endorse his mentor? And what would he have to gain by endorsing someone in the presidential contest now? He might not be interested in being someone's pick for vice president.