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Opening Arguments

Anything goes

The ads run by the Lugar campaign slamming Richarcd Mourdock are some of the nastiest I've ever seen, getting pretty close to character assassination. Others have noticed this, too:

Dick Lugar has the reputation, deserved or not, of being the gentleman of the Senate, a now-grandfatherly figure who is well-liked personally if not politically.

Lugar now is in the political fight of his life against Richard Mourdock.  Lugar is fighting back, as I pointed out previously, with blatantly false accusations calling Mourdock a tax cheat, and absurd race-card plays.

Now even FactCheck.org is calling Lugar out on the numerous lies being spread by Lugar’s campaign and SuperPAC

[. . .]

Is throwing away a reputation built over 36 years really the way Lugar wants to go out?  Is a seventh term in the Senate worth the cost of Lugar’s reputation?

Obviously, yes.

It's that reputation of being "the gentleman of the Senate" that makes the ads especially repugnant. Just hearing him say, "I approved this message" at the end of the ads is a shock.