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Opening Arguments

The bike and the little woman

Advice from Gov. Daniels -- if you think the little woman is gonna be mad at you, well, just go ahead and lie to her:

Daniels, an avid motorcyclist who will host Indiana’s 8th Annual “Ride with the Governor” event on Aug. 10, made a list of nine suggestions to consider when buying a motorcycle in the latest issue of Businessweek, according to the Indianapolis Star.

“Leave your wife at home. She is unlikely to appreciate the necessity of this purchase,” reads point number four.

Advance preparation might also be needed, Daniels cheekily adds.

“Line up a buddy’s garage in case you need to hide your purchase from your wife while gathering your courage,” reads point number nine.

Since Mrs. Daniels apparently was as enthusiastic over a presidential run as she is about motorcycles, the governor would be wise to take his own advice if he decides to enter the vice presidential sweepstakes, huh?

I hasten to add that I'm not being any more serious here than the governor was -- hate to have anybody think I've chosen sides in the War Against Women. I actually know a few women who really, really, really like the hogs, so that's one stereotype we can probably dispense with.


Mon, 04/16/2012 - 12:18pm

If by "hogs" you mean Harleys, I always assumed that attracting chicks was the only rational reason to buy them.