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Opening Arguments

A fair outcome

Here's a shock -- somebody who was actually responsible for something might actually be held accountable:

Gov. Mitch Daniels on Tuesday outlined a handful of changes Indiana is taking following last year's deadly state fair stage collapse.

Daniels said he ordered the state Department of Homeland Security to begin reviewing temporary outdoor structures like the stage rigging that collapsed Aug. 13.

He also said firings at the state fair commission could be a part of an overhaul he's considering. He did not say whether that included State Fair director Cindy Hoye.

Asked if anyone would be fired because of the collapse, Daniels said, "It may be that someone will. But this will all be part of the restructuring and the decisions that are about to start now."

A big reason for the deaths, according to an independent invstigation, was that there was no emergency plan, so when one happened, there was no clear chain of command, which meant no one really was in charge. Such a plan is the State Fair director's responsibility, yes? Of course, merely firing people who screwed up isn't nearly as much fun as suing everybody in sight, or as profitable.