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Opening Arguments

Cheesy goodness

"State's new tourism videos wring the sexy out of Indiana":

In one film, for example, we visit the Fair Oaks Dairy Adventure, which promises, “a dairy good time for the family.” The video features a barrage of pseudo farm activities that hardly offer evidence of a “dairy good” anything. Even a cardboard-looking grilled cheese sandwich—that are we led to believe is made fresh from milk gathered via the rotating cow-milking contraption—falls flat. Are we to believe the “actress” is enjoying that sandwich? It’s a grilled cheese! We should see cheesy goodness oozing from the bread, and maybe an embarrassed laugh as she tries to consume what should be portrayed as the best damn grilled cheese in the state if it’s going to be featured in a video about state tourism! As it was, we were left thinking perhaps she should have ordered something else.

The state has enough sexy that it can be wrung out? Never saw it myself.

Posted in: Hoosier lore