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Opening Arguments


Most stories about single-class basketball focus on how much school officials oppose its return -- more classes means more winners, which creates happier students and parents. So the results of this poll might be surprising:

Carmel Republican Senator Mike Delph released the results of a phone survey Thursday asking for people’s opinions on single class basketball.  The poll of 500 Hoosier adults shows that 52 percent favor a return to single-class basketball, while 31 percent don’t and 17 are undecided.

The IHSAA is also conducting straw polls at each public meeting on the issue.  Delph says, through eight of 11 scheduled meetings, the results are roughly in line with the phone survey.

“About 63 percent of those that come and cast votes support going back to a single-class basketball tournament and roughly 37 support the status quo, or multi-class system,” he says.

The only reason to dispose of four-class basketball is that it doesn't allow for the giant-killing season of a school like Milan, which hardly ever happens, which is why the mere possibility of it is so thrilling. Question of the day: Is single-class basketball the kind of thing for which the IHSAA should follow public sentiment?

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