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Opening Arguments

Divide and conquer

Can't make this stuff up. Apaprently, there is a "time-wasting gap" -- poor kids are spending more time than well-off children using their televisions and gadgets. Government actually spent millions to cause this problem, so now the government wants to spend millions to "fix" it:

Silly lower classes! Don't they realize this wonderful new technology is for self-improvement, not for pleasure? Something must be done.

[. . .]

In his 2000 State of the Union address, President Bill Clinton announced "a national crusade" to "close the digital divide between those who've got the tools and those who don't." Now the Obama administration is launching a national crusade to close the digital divide between those who know how to use those tools properly—for good, pro-social, educational purposes—and those who erroneously use them for mindless entertainment that boosts neither grades nor productivity.

Shouldn't complain, I guess. The propsoal the FCC is considering for a "digital literacy corps" is estimated to cost only $200 million, which means it will end up costing only a billion or two. Chicken feed. And the government is so wise and all-knowing about all things digital.

Well, never mind, then.