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Opening Arguments

Keep your grown-ups

There is the term RINO for "Republican in name only." We need a new term for people like columnist Peggy Noonan, the Conservatives Desperately Seeking Approval from The Other Side. Today, she offers her advice on the Lugar-Mourdock race.

Let's wade into an argument, and on what may well be the losing side.

The most recent polls suggest Dick Lugar, the senior U.S. senator from Indiana, first elected in 1976, is on track to lose his primary on Tuesday. I hope he doesn't for a number of reasons but one big one: the Senate needs grown-ups. The entire American government needs grown-ups, from Capitol Hill to the White House to the executive agencies. This is no time to lose one.

People who want "grown-ups" in Washington are of course looking for those who will compromise, which most often means giving up conervative principles long enough to let government grow some more. And then please don't be whiny about it, OK? Sorry, Peggy, but I'm not crazy about what your grown-ups have done in Washington. Think I'd like to retire a few of them, as childish as that might sound.


Fri, 05/04/2012 - 4:45pm

How about LIMP?  

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