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Opening Arguments

Mike & Sue

Hey, kids, breaking news:

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Republican Mike Pence has picked first-term state Rep. Sue Ellspermann as his running mate in his campaign to become Indiana’s next governor.

Pence announced Ellspermann’s selection Monday morning, and they started a tour across the state together in her hometown of Ferdinand in southwestern Indiana’s Dubois County.

Let's not get all swoony 'cause it's a woman, 'K? That would hrut Becky Skillman's feelings.

Some people can't help thinking that way, though. Here's polictical commentator Brian Howey on the GOP finally having a couple a gals on the ballot for congressional seats:

Welcome to what may be emerging as the "Year of the Woman" in Indiana. It's been a long time coming for a smashing of the Republican glass ceiling in Congressional politics.

"Republican glass ceiling." Nuts. Whoever wants to run runs. Whoever wants to vote votes. Whatever the results are they are. Called democracy, I think.


Mon, 05/21/2012 - 3:26pm

Good choice especially since  the lieutenant governor is likely to be tasked with economic development.  Sue understands economic development and will hit the ground running.

It is revealing that the Democrats negatively respond to her selection especially since she agrees with Mr. Gregg that one of Indana's economic development problems is the tax burden on small business. Apparently cutting taxes on business is a good idea only if it originates from Mr. Gregg.