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Opening Arguments


Apologizing (I think) for the Cubs:

CHICAGO | Theo Epstein expected some rough stretches. He just didn't envision anything like this.

A few hours after addressing his team's skid, the Chicago Cubs broke one of the longest losing streaks in franchise history, beating the San Diego Padres 11-7 on Monday.

That ended a 12-game slide. The work, however, is just beginning.

"I saw tough stretches, but I don't think this is indicative of the type of team we are," Epstein said before the game. "I think we're clearly better than this."

Nope. Clearly, they're not better than that. We are judged on performance, not potential. Or are you gonna give me a pass when I say I have the potential to be a Great American Novelist though I have never written anything that could remotely be considered a Great American Novel and never will? What? It doesn't count that I swear I have it in me?

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