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Opening Arguments

Sober Sundays

I suppose the critics are going to say Indiana is out of step, just like they did back during the daylight-saving-time debate:

For some, the very thought may seem staggering.  For others, it may serve a testament to family values.  Regardless of what your stance is on Sunday alcohol sales, one fact stands out: Indiana is now the only state in the country that does not allow the practice.

On Tuesday, the Connecticut Senate passed a bill that will allow the sale of beer, wine and spirits 7 days a week, and the state's Governor is expected to sign the bill into law.

I doubt if Sunday sales would increase revenue as much as supporters hope or consumption as much as detractors fear. People already drink pretty good on Sundays, having figured out, despite being Hoosiers, that it is quite possible to buy alcohol on one day and drink it on another. The only thing Sunday sales would do is to make life a little more convenient. Can't have that from the legislature, now can we?

UPDATE: That story isn't eactly right. According to this one, Minnesota also still bans Sunday sales, and that appears to be the case.


Thu, 05/03/2012 - 9:48am

Our strange olio of alcohol sales laws appears to be little more than a sop to package store owners. I can't believe it affects consumption, and I don't think that's the government's business even if it did. But if we changed the law, package stores would be obligated to stay open on Sundays, but wouldn't see any significant increase in sales. As you point out, it doesn't take much foresight to buy Sunday's libation on Saturday.