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Opening Arguments

Take your suit to court

I love stories about people who have finally just had it up to here with declining standards and snap:

MARION, Ind. — Anyone heading to court in central Indiana's Grant County shouldn't wear pajamas.

The county's five circuit and superior court judges have issued an order setting a dress code for courtrooms in Marion.

The order prohibits anyone from entering any of the courtrooms wearing short-shorts, micro-mini skirts, tank tops, hats, clothing that exposes the bare midriff or underwear, pajamas and slippers. It also bans garb that depicts or promotes drug use, violence, illegal acts, sex acts or profanity.

I have mixed feelings about this. One the one hand, I like the new sort of informality that means you can see everything from three-piece suits to blue jeans at the fanciest restaurants in Fort Wayne. It really takes the pressure off of going-out preparedness. On the other hand, I miss the ability to dress formally occasionally and be around only people who are similarly attired. Playing dress-up can be fun for children, but it can be important for adults. Places that depend on a certain digity of proceedings are more justified in setting more formal standards. Like courts. And churches.

Standards are dropping in the workplace, too. We still have enough sense of Office Attire here to make our Casual Fridays meaningful. (And I take my Casual Fridays very seriously.) Once in a while, though, there are those who just don't get it. We had a reporter a few years ago who came to work in the summer dressed like he had just mowed the lawn.