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Opening Arguments

Wow, it's not us this time

Here's today's trivia question, which you may use to win a bar bet while you're fidgeting and waiting to run outside for a smoke. What's the largest Indiana city now left without a smoking ban affecting diners? The answer:

A new smoking ban takes effect Friday in Indianapolis, leaving South Bend as the largest among a dwindling number of Indiana cities that still allow restaurant and bar patrons to light up during a meal or a drink.

[. . .]

It will bring the state's capital and largest city in line with Fort Wayne, Evansville, Bloomington, Delaware County (Muncie), Elkhart, West Lafayette and other communities in protecting workers from the secondhand smoke of others. A similar ordinance takes effect in Terre Haute in July, when a weaker statewide ban also becomes law.

And yet we needed a statewide ban (goes into effect July 1) far weaker than many of the city and county bans. Once the bandwagon gets rolling, all those "leaders" just have to jump on, don't they. Lookee, lookee, I'm leading this here parade!