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Opening Arguments

Da bomb

Merriam-Webster adds 100 new words and phrases to its Collegiate Dictionary, including sexting, life coach, man cave, bucket list, and this one with a Hoosier inspiration:

So who’s responsible for lobbing F-bomb far and wide? Kory Stamper, an associate editor for Merriam-Webster, said she and her fellow word spies at the Massachusetts company traced it back to 1988, in a Newsday story that had the now-dead Mets catcher Gary Carter talking about how he had given them up, along with other profanities.

But the word didn’t really take off until the late ‘90s, after Bobby Knight went heavy on the F-bombs during a locker room tirade.

“We saw another huge spike after Dick Cheney dropped an F-bomb in the Senate in 2004,” and again in 2010 when Vice President Joe Biden did the same thing in the same place, Stamper said.

Thanks a whole f------ bunch, Bobby, we're really f------ proud of you for f------  ebarrassing us this f------- way, you f------ loudmouth f---.