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Opening Arguments

Good start

Granted, this doesn't mean a damn thing in terms of how the Colts or Andrew Luck will do this NFL season, which, let's not forget, hasn't even started yet. But admit it, it was a supremely satisfying emotional high:

Andrew Luck, just like the legend Peyton Manning before him, threw a touchdown pass on his first play as an Indianapolis Colt. That's what they call a good start.

On the down side, note that that sentence, the first one in the article, has the phrase "like the legendary Peyton Manning" in it. I'm guessing Luck is going to get pretty sick of hearing that phrase or one like it all season long. How good does he have to be this year for the sportswriters to stop comparing him to Peyton next year? And how many weeks into the season before I get sick and tired of all the stupid word plays on Luck's name? Oh, wait, that's already happened. My bad l. . . oh, never mind.