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Opening Arguments

Tea time

Well, this is what some of us have been longing for. And to have it noticed by The New York Times!

WASHINGTON — The Tea Party is very much alive in the drive for Republican control of the Senate, portending a potential shake-up in the mind-set of the chamber. The easy Republican primary victory in Texas on Tuesday of Ted Cruz, the 41-year-old Sarah Palin-blessed upstart, virtually assured the latest Tea Party candidate a seat in the chamber next year. And he will not be alone when it comes to those backed by the movement, which propelled Republicans to control of the House in 2010.

Among 17 contested Senate races and in Texas, more than half a dozen of the Republican candidates — or those currently running ahead in their primaries — are Tea Party-embraced. The infusion of new conservative blood could alter the complexion of the Senate, increasing the sorts of conflicts between moderates and far-right Republicans disinclined toward compromise that have characterized the House for two years.

Naturally, they would see the most likely outcome as increased conflict between moderate and far-right Republicans, which would be sooo partisan and a bad, bad thing. It would never occur to them that the outcome might be a more fiscally responsible Senate that would help the Tea Party Republicans in the House start paring government back to something more reasonable.

Not hard to see where they're going with the story when "Sarah Palin-blessed upstart" is in the second sentence, eh?


tim zank
Thu, 08/02/2012 - 10:44pm

When Dems over-reach it has a way of bringing the adults back in to the political fray...