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Opening Arguments

Weeding out the truth

Bummer, man:

— State police say cultivated marijuana plants growing outdoors in southern Indiana are easier to spot from the air because of this summer's drought.

[. . .]

Sgt. Jerry Goodin tells The Courier-Journal that the resilient green marijuana plants stick out like a sore thumb amid the drought-stricken corn fields.

Hmm. I'm seeing mixed evidence on marijuana and the drought. The news isn't so good for weed farmers in Ohio:

HAMILTON - Drought conditions in southwest Ohio have affected most crops, including those grown and sold illegally.

Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones said efforts to spot and eradicate marijuana plants have revealed smaller yields than past years.

But things seem to be peachy in Iowa:

There is apparently one plant that can thrive in the worst drought in half a century.


While covering the drought's impact on the cornbelt in Iowa, I discovered cannabis growing along roadside farmland.