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Opening Arguments


Because they're awesome:

Since debuting in March, Taco Bell said it has sold more than 200 million crunchy tacos served with a Doritos nacho cheese shell. The taco is the most successful product launch in Taco Bell's 50-year history, and is responsible for a long overdue boost in Taco Bell revenue. The re-invented taco is made with a nacho cheese-flavored Doritos shell. The $1.29 taco is stuffed with seasoned beef, lettuce and tomatoes and served in a Doritos-branded "taco jacket" or holster.

The name of the thing -- Locos Tacos -- is backward since in Spanish it's noun first followed by modifier. But what the hell, it's something so ingeniously simple that the minute you hear about it you wonder why it took so long for somebody to think of it.


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