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Opening Arguments

Ignorant AND stupid

For the "now I've heard everything" file:

The former pastor of an Indiana megachurch has admitted having three sexual encounters with a parish girl, but told a judge he didn't realize at the time that his actions were illegal.

Jack Schaap, who's 54, told a judge during Wednesday's plea hearing that he first had sex with the girl when she was 16.

A sentient adult who doesn't know it's against the law to sleep with a minor? And a pastor who is supposed to be, well, you know, sort of a moral leader who doesn't stop to think it just might be a little bit wrong to take advantage of one of his young parishioners? Qiick, get this man a cable show.


Harl Delos
Fri, 09/28/2012 - 3:00pm

The age of consent in Indiana is not 18, Le0, but 16.

The guy was in federal court for violation of the Mann Act. He has homes in both Hammond, Indiana and Crete, Illinois, and he apparently took her to his Illinois home. The age of consent there is 17, not 18.

The plea bargain is for transporting the girl across state lines.

He's still stupid and ignorant And he has bad taste, too.  An experienced sex partner is a lot better than an enthusiastic beginner.