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Opening Arguments

Not a magnificent obsession

The South Bend Tribune puts a snippy little bit of snark in the opening of its gubernatorial race endorsement editorial:

No women or minorities need apply, of course. Diversity has never been the watchword of Indiana gubernatorial politics.

Still, it is difficult to imagine three white males more different from one another than the three candidates for governor this fall.

Our obsession with diversity knows no bounds. Never mind, you know, that women are perfectly free to seek the governor's office if they want to, and voters are perfectly able to vote for them if they so choose. It's called politics, and everybody gets to play -- and if you don't like the way it's played, what're ya gonna do, blame all the voters? You might recall that the current lieutenant goveror -- a person of the femal persuasion -- was going to run but stepped aside so Mike Pence could run. Pretty darn chivalrous of her, I'd say.

How pitiful that we have to settle for the paltry  diversity we get from three white males.