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Opening Arguments

We're sorry, too, Evan

Thank you, Evan Bayh, and good riddance:

One of the tragedies of the Obama Administration is the historic political accident that it had 60 Senate Democratic votes in 2009. The ability to break a filibuster without Republican votes empowered the left to think it could pass anything, and so it steamrolled ahead with ObamaCare, which needed every one of those 60 votes to pass.

Now a couple of those Senators are expressing regrets about those votes after the fact. In our pages last week, former Indiana Democrat Evan Bayh rehearsed the looming economic damage from ObamaCare's medical-device tax. He described, as some of us predicted in 2009 during the debate, how the tax is sending jobs and investment overseas in an industry where the U.S. still leads the world. Mr. Bayh, who retired after 2010, provided the 60th vote for ObamaCare to pass.

But Evan was one of the good guys, a moderate! Hey, Joe Donnelly is a moderate, too. Let's send him to Washington quick, instead of that evil, rotten, partisan, uncpromising Richard Mourdock who will never work with Democrats.


tim zank
Tue, 10/02/2012 - 9:00am

Thanks Evan, we won't forget ya, trust me..

Rebecca Mallory
Tue, 10/02/2012 - 10:18am

Interesting apologia pro vita sua from Senator James Webb in today's Wall Street Journal.