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No contest

This really won't be that much of a fight:


Supporters and opponents of gay marriage are already squaring off in a battle over whether to amend Indiana’s constitution that could stretch until voters decide the issue in November 2014.

Gay marriage supporters released a report Monday showing that writing the state’s ban on gay marriage into the constitution could have broad, unintended consequences, dealing with as many as 614 different laws ranging from ethics rules to tax benefits. Indiana Equality President Rick Sutton said the findings from the study conducted by Indiana University Maurer School of Law Students should at least make lawmakers pause before approving the ban.

I don't know how many "social issues" are going to come up this session, but this will certainly be one of them. The General Assembly has alreadypassed it once by an overwhelming margin, and if legislators don't approve it again this year, the issue won't go to a voter referendum so they'll feel like they wasted the work they already put into it. The real fight will be in trying to convince voters one way or the other.