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Opening Arguments

Testy Tom tweets

Tom Crean seems to be channeling Bobby Knight:

On the first Monday of the college basketball season with his team no longer the best in all of the land, Indiana coach Tom Crean seemed to get a little testy with the tone of his tweets.

[. . .]

Then came this tweet:

"Christian Watford is avg.12, 8th in rebounds, 1st in ft% at 91%, 8th in 3pt.% and 6th in def. Rebounds. His critics can take a hike too."

Perhaps Crean doesn't realize he's adding fuel to the fire by saying, "critics can take a hike." That's a newspaper pull quote.

At least he didn't tell the sports writers that most people learn to write in first grade, then move on to other things. Maybe tweets bring out our inner twits. Or maybe Crean just had enough of the journalists he's had to deal with. We can ask some really stupid questions make some really lame observations.

Present company excepted, of course.

How does a team drop from 1st to 6th after one loss, by the way? Possibly overrated to begin with? Hit me with your best shot, Tom.

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