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Opening Arguments

We're the example

Hey, another state looks to Indiana for inspiration for a change instead of the other way around:

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Gov. Rick Snyder says one reason he supports right-to-work legislation in Michigan is the economic boost a similar law has given Indiana, although officials have provided no conclusive evidence that the policy by itself has drawn new businesses to the state next door.

[. . .]

During a news conference explaining his decision, Snyder said he had been impressed by results in Indiana, another Rust Belt state and historical labor stronghold that enacted a right-to-work law earlier this year.

It's true that "conclusive evidence" is hard to come by; there are too many factors in job growth or decline to point to one factor's direct impact. But there are a couple of common sense reasons to believe right-to-work can help: 1. All the companies that say they decided to come here because of RTW -- they can't all be lying. 2. The fact that RTW favors the company in union-management struggles; businesses go where it's easier for them, right?