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Mr. and Mrs. Co-worker

Is this a good idea?

Gov. Mike Pence won't have to go far to see his wife, Karen, while working in his Statehouse office. She's getting a Statehouse office of her own just down the hall from his.

WISH-TV reports that three rooms that served as Pence's transition office before his inauguration a week ago will become the offices for Karen Pence and her staff. Previously, the first lady's office has been housed at the Governor's Residence nearly five miles from the Statehouse.

It's not a political or good-government question. First ladies always have offices and staffs, so where the office is doesn't mean a whole lot to taxpayers. I mean is it a good idea for a husband and wife to work in the same building? That seems like a little too much togetherness to me, and "what did you do today?" is a staple of couple's conversation that these two will be denying themselves. I've known spouses who worked for the same newspaper company that seemed able to handle it and other couples whose relationships suffered.

Probably cuts down a lot on office flirting, huh?

Does this mean the governor won't have a "hot line" connected to his wife after all? I mean, geez, if she's just down the hall . . .