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Opening Arguments

Out of the car, booze breath

What do you think about this?

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) - 360 people a year. That's nearly one person a day. That's how many die from drunk driving accidents each year.  

In December, The National Transportation Safety Board recommended all states require what's called 'ignition interlock devices'.   

Now, Indiana lawmakers are looking for answers to help curb the problem here.

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“The Intoxilock units basically provide a means of us interrupting the signal to the starter. So, if I get in the car, and I don’t blow a sample that’s acceptable, or even forget to blow a sample, the car simply won’t crank,” said Don Giovanini, owner of Don’s Service Center.

The device uses a breathalyzer to check the driver's blood alcohol (BAC) level. If you blow too high, the vehicle won't start. 

  I never like mandated rules amounting to taking away my ability to judge risk and act accordingly. If what I want to do might hurt me and only me, it's none of the government's business. But drunken drivers don't hurt only themselves; they kill a lot of other people. Might it be worth considering making convicted drunken drivers have the interlocks rather than make everybody have themor having them installed at the factory? Apparently the 14 states that already have the madatory interlocks require them only for DUI offenders.