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Opening Arguments

Cookie monster

Who knew there was such a thing as felony snacking?

A Walmart employe in Indiana has been charged with felony theft after she was caught munching Oreos filched from the store’s shelves, police said.

When confronted by cops with video of the alleged theft, Penny S. Winters, 63, admitted she ate the cookies and said she had been doing it for years.

After a box of opened Oreo cookies were discovered at a Walmart in Portage, Ind., and an investigation was conducted, a longtime Walmart employee admitted she not only consumed Oreos she hadn’t paid for, but also took junk food from the company every week for four years.  Penny S. Winters, 63, was also caught on video during her evening shift eating the popular sandwich cookies.

The worst thing is she probably ruined it for all her fellow empoyees. A certain amount of pilferage is tolerated by most companies, but they're quick to pounce if they think you're abusing the privilege. When I worked at McDonald's it was no big thing for an employee to munch on some fries during break or even grab a free cheeseburger. But they sort of frowned on the pracitice of eating every meal there and never paying. I knew a few who tried that. I worked for the restaurant before they became so squeaky clean. Mixed in with the high school kids back then were vagabonds and other various marginal characters. There was this one-legged guy who slept in his car and went from town to town, working for a few weeks or a couple of months at a McDonalds before moving on. He'd be in Oreo heaven if he worked form Walmart today. Hell, maybe he is.