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Opening Arguments

Green gone

Another green-energy fantasy crashes into reality:

— The town of Reynolds has one stoplight, one gas station, 533 residents, 150,000 pigs and was once touted as BioTown USA, a place where then-Gov. Mitch Daniels visited after taking office in 2005.

Daniels had set a goal of Reynolds becoming energy self-sufficient, using corn, soybeans, manure and other renewable energy sources.

The Journal & Courier reported that eight years later, the town 20 miles north of Lafayette is as dependent on the energy grid as it ever was — and is likely to become more so. Magnetation, a Grand Rapids, Minn.-based company, announced in November it was planning to build a nearly $350 million iron ore pellet plant at the site where construction of an ethanol plant was suspended five years ago when the U.S. economy slowed.

Still they won't learn. The story quotes the state's director of Energy Development as saying renewable energy is still a priority for the state. Encouraging or making possible further research into renewable energy would be a good goal. Trying to rush something is not yet economically advisable yet would not be.