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Opening Arguments

Potty-train-your-pigs update

How'd you like this for a job -- spending a whole year just talking about poop?

A Purdue University-based state office is reaching out to Indiana’s farmers to educate them about new restrictions on using manure to fertilize cropland.

[. . .]

Office fertilizer administrator Matt Pearson has spent the past year traveling the state and explaining the rules to farmers. He tells the Journal & Courier (http://on.jconline.com/ZDz8Z4 ) that 15,000 private manure applicators and dealers most likely know about the new rules.

But Pearson says some 30,000 to 40,000 Indiana farmers may not know about the regulations, which include documenting the volume and location where manure is applied and applying it specific distances from wells and streams to prevent contamination.

Yeah, keep your manure away from the water supply. Imagine 30,000 to 40,000 farmers not knowing that.