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Opening Arguments

Don't throw me under the bus

Even some small-government advocates might think the Tea Party is going too far here:

— Legislation intended to expand mass transit in central Indiana is drawing opposition from tea party activists who oppose the local tax increases that would fund the proposals.

The bill would authorize Hamilton and Marion counties to hold voter referendums on whether to raise local income taxes to pay for most of the local portion of the proposed $1.3 billion plan to expand bus service and possibly add a commuter rail line.

Even if you think there is too much government and taxes are too high, how can you be against letting people vote for themselves on what they want and how much they're willing to be taxed for it?

If that's all it was -- letting people in one jurisdiction decide for themselves -- that would be true. But note that voters in Hamilton and Marion counties would be deciding how to fund the "local portion" of the project. The taxes paid by those of us who live outside those counties would foot the rest of the bill. Let me participate in a referendum, too, to decide if I want to help those folks in central Indiana. What have they done for me lately, hmmm?