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Opening Arguments

Get serious

Here's an elected official with way too much time on his hands:

PERU, Ind. (AP) — A northern Indiana county commissioner wants to ban county workers from wearing jeans in the Miami County Courthouse, saying casual clothing is inappropriate in a government building.

[. . .]

He says county employees should wear business attire because "the nature of the business that people conduct in this courthouse isn't a reason for celebration."

On the other hand, observance of a dress code can bring about the possibility of Casual Fridays on which less-than-formal attire is encouraged -- love my casual Fridays. And I like the sportcoat/jeans combination, which has been described as the "businbess mullet"  -- business on top, party on the bottom.


Wed, 03/13/2013 - 9:23am

Ever been to Peru?  I've spent a lot of time there, job related, and they've got bigger problems than the attire of the county workers on Friday.  You have to wonder at county commissioners who trouble themselves with such things.

Harl Delos
Wed, 03/13/2013 - 12:23pm

Nice point.  You'd think, given that it's the circus city, that they'd think clown outfits would be acceptable.  And that if a government car pulls up to your house, that 30 employees would emerge from it.

They used to prohibit blue jeans at my school, saying the rivets would scar the desks.

Never mind that most brands of jeans didn'y have jeans. Never mind that one never saw rivet damage on the seating of restaurants. Never mind that our desks dated from the 193os or earlier, and any scarring would have been hard to detect.

We need a constitutional provision that says government cannot prohibit behavior unless it actually harms someone else. If you have someone on the stand, you not only would have to prove that they done did it, but show who got hurt, and how they got hurt.  And then maybe our lawmakers would realize that this kind of silly regulation is, well, a silly regulation.