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Opening Arguments

Gotta be in it to win it

The state wants more money from gullible fools, so it has turned to a private company. Such moves are usually made to save money or achieve efficiencies. This time, it's just about fleecing the public:

The private company chosen to run the Hoosier Lottery has launched its first advertising campaign, a push focusing on what lottery players dream of doing if they won a big payout.

[. . .]

In one spot a Fort Wayne man says he would fund an expedition to find Bigfoot, while a Granger woman says in another she would use her winnings to have a baby because she could afford in vitro fertilization.

Yeah, finding Bigfoot is a pretty realistic wish for someone who thinks he can get rich from the lottery. I saw one of those ads, and nowhere did it mention the 1-in-12-million odds of winning. Guess we won't be seeing any more of those "play responsibly" ads, huh?