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Opening Arguments

Zoning out

Oh, give it a rest, people!

Hoosiers will begin to observe Daylight Saving Time Sunday, but some at the Indiana Statehouse are continuing a long-standing argument that the clocks will be set to the wrong time.

Since Daylight Saving Time was adopted in 2005, various efforts to repeal the law, study the issue or move Indiana to the Central Time Zone have all thudded quickly.

This year, Sen. Mike Delph, R-Carmel filed a bill in January that would ask legislators to study over the summer whether to switch Indiana to the Central Time Zone. Senate President Pro Tempore David Long, though, immediately killed the bill by sending it to the legislative rules committee.

Unrealistic request, I guess. This is one of those issues that will never go away, despite the insanity of demanding the same time zone for the whole state. Don't forget to set those clocks ahead before you go to bed Saturday night.