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Opening Arguments

Blue cities

Here's a list we don't want to get on:

A Gallup poll pegged Evansville as one of the top 10 most miserable cities in the U.S., coming in at No. 8 on that dubious list.

Evansville was ranked second-worst in the country in terms of healthy behavior. The city has one of the highest rates of smokers and among the lowest percentages of residents to eat healthy or exercise regularly.

Gallup said Evansville residents are more likely to have high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. About 30 percent of the city's residents are considered obese.

Pretty silly story, though. Calling cities miserable because they do poorly on a few arbitraily selected criteria is a meaningless exercise. Why just smoking -- why not drinking rates? What about divorce rates? Besides, it's an assumption based on a false premise to declare that individual behavior has anything to do with collective well-being. I don't exercise much. Would I be more miseerable if I weren't exercising in Evansville instead of Fort Wayne?

Less this be a lesson for you: When we run out of news, we just make stuff up.