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Opening Arguments

Let the chips fall where they may

I'd say this is good news:

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - Some top Indiana lawmakers seem prepared to accept anticipated big drops in business at the state's casinos and to not provide much help as the gambling venues face growing competition from neighboring states.

One reason is that it's a nasty business, I think, for the state to encourage gambling and profit from exploiting Hoosiers' gambling habits. If the state is ever going to reduce its dependence on gambling-tax revenues -- either by finding replacement funds or learning to spend less -- this is a good time to start.

But it's also just good policy in general to let businesses compete and succeed or fail based on what they have to offer and what customers want. The act of encouraging business with such things as tax breaks should be reserved for truly worthwhile enterprises that add to the quality of life here. I don't think taking people's money on sucker bets qualifies.