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Opening Arguments


This ain't exactly gonna make the tourist dollars flow:

EVANSVILLE, Indiana — Residents in Indiana's third-largest city are taking issue with new a Gallup poll that ranks Evansville as one of the nation's "most miserable cities."

The recently released Gallup Healthways Well-Being Index ranks the Evansville metropolitan area 182nd out of 189 U.S. metro areas based on a range of health and wellness factors.

Bitch, bitch, bitch. What do you expect from a bunch of miserable whiners?

Evansville's mayor is right, though, that the poll "relies on self-reported data" and it's unfair to judge a place by how people answered certain questions on a single day. One question, for example, was "Did you smile or laugh a lot yesterday?" That question would be answered a lot differently on April 16 that it would on Dec. 26. It even matters if it was asked before or after hump day, wouldn't you think?

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