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Opening Arguments

Standing order

The latest proof that there isn't anything that somebody won't do a study of:

Do you ever pay attention to where you stand when you ride an elevator?

Rebekah Rousi, a Ph.D. student in cognitive science, does. She conducted an elevator study in two of the tallest office buildings Adelaide, Australia, and after 30 rides, found that more senior men stand in the back, younger men stand in the middle and women of all ages stand in front.

Not only did people tend to stand in certain locations, but they also directed their gaze in particular areas. Men checked out the other riders as well as themselves, while women did not and only looked in the mirrors when another women was in the elevator car.

So, I stand in the back because I'm a "senior" man, eh? Actually, no, I've always liked to stand in the back.  The story says it's because I'm a bold person. We allegedly like the back, while shy people tend to like the front. Sounds like bunk to me. Ever since I heard the story of Wild Bill Hickcock getting shot in the back while playing poker, I've never felt comfortable with people standing behind me. Superstitious about getting Aces and eights, too.

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